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mastering, masterizacion


Vuelven...Los Amaya!
Universal Music Spain
rumba catalana, tropical

mastering, masterizacion


19 Piece Latin Jazz / Salsa
feat. Christian Tumalan (piano)
& Steffen Kuehn (trumpet)

mastering, masterizacion


San Francisco
Smokin' West Coast Latin Jazz
from the Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel

mastering, masterizacion


Retro   (all-star classic 70's salsa)
Bobby Cruz, Ismael Miranda, Tony Vega
L.Texidor, Marlón Fernández., K. Ceballo

mastering, masterizacion


Cubano Soy
tradicional Cuban son & rumba

mastering, masterizacion


The Project (Deluxe)
feat. Guanabanas & Yenziel y Mike reggaeton, urban, tropical

mastering, masterizacion


A Todo Ritmo
Barcelona based singer & composer
pop, flamenco & rumba catalana

mastering, masterizacion


Sueño Americano
Los Ángeles, México, Honduras
banda, rancheras, música mexicana

mastering, masterizacion

Where It Leads
SF Bay Area singer & songwriter pop, soul, r&b (english language)

mastering, masterizacion


Dos Palabras
Cuban singer & songwriter
spanish soul r&b debut solo album

mastering, masterizacion


Vestido de Blanco
feat. Michel Maza, Alexander Abreu powerhouse all-star timba project

mastering, masterizacion


Distant Love
Bogotá born swedish composer
second solo album - classical guitar

mastering, masterizacion


Sonando Como Un Cañón
SF Bay Area Latin Music All-Stars
son - salsa - afro-cuban jazz


Abriendo Caminos
dir. Andrés Fernández Ordóñez
contemporary cuban music album

mastering, masterizacion


Electro Urban Pop Sound
Miami electronic fusion
urban, dance and reggeaton blend

mastering, masterizacion


bolero - son - rumba
traditional cuban music album

mastering, masterizacion


Disco Duro
salsa con timba - tropical
contemporary cuban salsa pop
Michael P. Lazarus - mastering enginner / latin music specialist / audio consultant
michael [at] latinmusicmastering.com     +1.775.230.6501

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Engineer Member of the Grammy® Awards - Producers & Engineers Wing  NARAS P&E Wing

Industry Affiliations:
ASCAP registered writer & publisher
BMI registered publisher
NALAC National Association of Latino Arts & Culture
NALIP National Association of Latino Independent Producers
NAMM National Association of Music Merchants
NARAS & LARAS voting member of the Grammy® Awards
NARIP National Association of Recording Industry Professionals

Pro-bassist, Audiophile, Father, Husband, Boricua
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (FAU), Bachelor of Music (UM)
Follow me on:   mastering, masterizacion LinkedIn   mastering, masterizacion Facebook   mastering, masterizacion Twitter

Allow me to introduce myself through my work. Send me an uncompresssed, clean final stereo mix and I will reply with a 1-2 minute, free mastering sample for your review. Designed by Iain McNeill of IMP Audio, my calibrated mastering environment and attention to detail are the finishing touches your music deserves.

Stem Mixing services are available. Open to all styles of music.

mastering, masterizacion
Mastering Engineer / Audio Consultant / Bassist MICHAEL LAZARUS

Send me mix files using GOBBLER
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  Send any file at lightning speed with Gobbler. No size limits! Sign up for a free 5 GB account today! -- Envía cualquier archivo rápidamente con Gobbler! No importa el tamaño. Registrate para activar tu cuenta gratis de 5 GB.

Getting your mixes ready - a handy checklist to follow before you send your files.
1) Native audio recording format
I prefer to master .wav / .aif / .aiff files in the native audio format you recorded in. So if you recorded in 24bit - 48kHz then send it like that. If you used 24bit - 96kHz then send that. If you are sending the music and vocals separate, and the music is in a diffferent but higher bit or sample rate, then upsample the vocal tracks. Do not downsample. Always send the highest resolution possible.
2) Check your vocal tracks
Did you solo and check all your vocal tracks for lip noise, breathing and other extraneous sounds? It's easy to fix all that without having to pay me to do it.
3) Leave some headroom
Check that your signals / waveform level isn't jacked up to the rails. It's always a good practice to leave AT LEAST 3dB of headroom for the mastering engineer. So the loudest part in your mix should peak at no more than -3db on your master bus. When you are bouncing your 2 track master in Protools make sure your bouce doesn't have any compression or limitier plugins activated. Just send a clean final mix.
4) Reference tracks are always a good idea
Sending tracks / music from artists that have the sound you are looking for, or have a similar vibe to your music, is a very efficient way to provide me with some direction.
5) Use consistent naming and timing for your stems
If you send the mixes broken out in stems, for example the music and the vocals on separate stereo tracks, then check your filenames so that they match and are clear to understand. Also verify that each stem track is CONSOLIDATED so that they start at exactly the same time when I drop it into my workstation. Make sure that they both start at 0 (zero) and that they line up properly.

What is mastering?
Mastering, a form of audio post-production, is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix to a data storage device (the master) -the source from which all copies will be pressed, duplicated or replicated.

Measurements are completed to determine the current state of the mix so that, typically, the mastering engineer can apply shine, polish, punch, depth and definition to the stereo image and overall clarity to the track. Corrective equalization and dynamic enhancement may also be applied in order to improve upon sound translation on ALL playback systems (very important). While these are subjective terms, the art of the procedure involves critical listening in order to make objective and scientific decisions about the sound quality. Therefore it can not be achieved without the presence of a mastering engineer (an actual human being).

The mastering process continues to resist automation. There are software tools available to facilitate this but results still depend upon the accuracy of speaker monitors, and also critical, completing the work in an acoustically calibrated environment.

mastering, masterizacion
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Home of Cuban Music on the Web! TIMBA.com is the largest Latin music website available today. The source for artist profiles, tour dates, new releases, concert reviews, instructional and reference material (Timbapedia).

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Mastering and mixing services specializing in big band tropical and urban music. Voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammy & Latin Grammy Awards). Member NARIP.

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Your source for 100% pre-cleared genuine Latin music for Film & TV. Authentic commercially released masters available for licensing. Quick turn-around & personalized service.